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We carry three brands of windows allowing us to match your needs with products that will perform, look great, last a long time and provide excellent value.

Strassburger Windows and Doors Strassburger Windows & Doors
Made in Kitchener Ontario they are a family owned and run business since 1949.  We like the quality of their fabrication, the extensive product range including entry doors and the service and technical support they provide.  Their pricing is very competitive for a window and door that will literally last a life time.

North Star Windows and DoorsNorth Star Windows & Doors
St Thomas Ontario is the home of their large manufacturing facility.  What we like about this company is their efficiency, on time delivery virtually always, and the value they provide for money.

Martin WindowsNEW! Martin Windows & Doors
We are excited to be bringing this product line to the Oakville market.  Martin is located in Riviere-du-Loop Quebec and have been fabricating windows and doors since 1984.  They make very solid and beautiful high performing windows and doors. For clients with an eye for historic details and modern performance this product can’t be beat.

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