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How to Select Patio Doors: 3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

With the right patio doors you can enhance the beauty, energy efficiency and value of your home. Although they were traditionally used as doors to the backyard or balcony, today many homeowners in Oakville and Mississauga are utilizing them as elegant entry doors as well. The wide variety of materials, styles and accessories available offers plenty of design choices which can also make the selection process rather confusing. Read the tips we share below to help you install an attractive, durable and low maintenance patio door.


  1. Pick your style: An elegant patio door speaks volumes to your taste. Endless design possibilities offer something for every style and budget. Yet, it’s important to choose a style that meets your aesthetic and functional requirements as well as the space they take you to and from. Take a look at the styles available and their ideal applications.

    1. Sliding or gliding patio doors: Best suited for small patios and balconies, sliding doors are relatively low maintenance and let in plenty of natural light. You can choose tinted or decorative glass, or even combine fixed and sliding panels to create a “wow” factor.

    2. Swinging or hinged patio doors: If you are looking to make a big impression and have plenty of space, swinging patio doors are a great choice. The chic exterior French doors that adorn so many homes in Mississauga and Oakville are a classic example. Available in outswing and inswing options, you can add sidelights and stylish transoms to make a dramatic statement.

    3. Folding patio doors: Ideal for homes with large outdoor spaces, the accordion-like system needs plenty of room for maneuvering. The number of leaves typically determines the space they will occupy when folded. However, the breathtaking views and wide access they provide more than compensate for the space and maintenance they require.

  1. Select a material: Fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, steel, wood (and clad wood), there is a whole range of door materials to choose from. Aesthetics aside, patio door material impacts performance and maintenance. Choose a material that suits your lifestyle.

    1. Wood: Offers a warm and rich look with a choice of wood species. Wooden patio doors are durable and relatively easy to maintain.

    2. Vinyl: Aesthetically pleasing, vinyl patio doors are made of strong, high-quality PVC and require very little maintenance.

    3. Steel: An economical choice, steel patio doors are very weather-resistant and low-maintenance.

    4. Aluminum: A cost-effective alternative to wood, aluminum patio doors strike a balance between aesthetics, durability and a maintenance free exterior.

    5. Fiberglass: A popular choice among homeowners, fiberglass patio doors is a durable alternative to wood and steel. Mimicking the look of wood, they look great and perform well in all kinds of weather.

  1. Look for energy efficient choices: It enhances your comfort and helps lower your energy bills. Choosing a door that is appropriate for your climate will also optimize the lifespan of your door. Here is a quick overview of your energy-efficient choices.

    1. Low-E: Meaning low emitance, this type of glass has a metallic coating/layer that reflects heat back to its source to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter.

    2. Argon Gas: This gas is added to the sealed unit reducing the flow of heat in and out for added comfort.

    3. Solar cooling: This specially-designed glass blocks the sun’s rays to keep homes cooler in the summer.

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