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Enhanced curb appeal. Increased value.

More than just windows and doors.


Exterior Transformations - Before and After

We want to transform the look of your home.

Not just with new windows or a great front door, which we have done for many years, but with products that will make your home stand out.

Curb Appeal is the buzz word in “Real Estate” circles. Have you ever wondered what some enhancements to the exterior look of your home would do to the value and “curb appeal” of your home? Today we have the computer software to show you what your home could look like before any work is performed. Not only that, but exciting new products are coming available all the time that make it easier and more budget friendly to really make a statement.

We can take your home and add some new trim around your windows and doors, we could paint elements a new colour, add stone, brick or stucco, maybe build a portico over your front entry, or change up the landscaping. We could add some new lighting to accent your home or a special element.

We have a wide variety of products and services at our disposal to transform your home’s exterior.

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