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5 Benefits of Timely Window Replacement

Window replacement will improve the overall look and energy-efficiency of your Oakville or Mississauga home. Grungy, ill-performing windows not only lower your property value and can be a safety risk, but they also drive up your energy bills. If you find that you have been cranking up the heat, it’s probably because windows are worn out. You may try to do some weather-proofing, but that is only a temporary solution.

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Expert Installation—Windows and Doors | Oakville, Mississauga

5 Tips on Installing New Windows and Doors in Your Oakville or Mississauga Home

Installing new windows and doors in your Oakville and Mississauga home can be a smooth and satisfying process. As with any other home improvement project, doing a little bit of homework will help avoid any unnecessary hiccups and enable a satisfactory job.

Here are some tips to ensure that your windows and doors deliver the performance and savings they were designed for.

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  1. Explore your options for windows and doors: The simplest way to do this is to read online about the different types of materials e.g. vinyl, clad wood, wood, etc. and energy-efficient glass options like Low-E. Being prepared helps save time and makes for a more productive initial consultation with window and door dealers. It also reduces the chances of being fooled by an unethical company and paying too much for too little.

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Last week we installed 4 windows in a home in Port Credit.

The clients did their homework and came to us as they liked Strassburger windows. Their post-war era home is 1 ½ stories on a busy street with a rail line close by. One of their biggest complaints was noise and secondly, drafty existing windows, which had been retrofit into the old frames a number of years ago.

We discussed the options and ended up selecting casement and awning style windows for their tight seal and compression gaskets. For the glass, we looked at a number of options like triple glazing, laminated glass and Heat Mirror film.

In the end we selected double glazing with two different thicknesses of glass 3mm & 5mm and used Cardinal’s Low E 366.

This was a very cost effective solution and we are happy to say the clients are thrilled with the results. We removed the window frames back to the brick, insulated with low expansion foam between the frame and wall, and replicated the interior trim and sill details to the home’s period.

The customers could not get over how much different the noise level had been reduced by.

Another job exceeding expectations.

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