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Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows | Window Replacement Services | Oakville, Mississauga

5 Benefits of Timely Window Replacement

Window replacement will improve the overall look and energy-efficiency of your Oakville or Mississauga home. Grungy, ill-performing windows not only lower your property value and can be a safety risk, but they also drive up your energy bills. If you find that you have been cranking up the heat, it’s probably because windows are worn out. You may try to do some weather-proofing, but that is only a temporary solution.

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Range of Sliding Patio Doors | Exterior French Patio Doors | Oakville, Mississauga

How to Make the Most of Your Sliding and French Patio Door

Considering new sliding patio doors for your balcony or backyard? Want a stylish exterior French patio door for your Oakville or Mississauga home? Our home renovation experts share tips to ensure a seamless job.

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Expert Installation—Windows and Doors | Oakville, Mississauga

5 Tips on Installing New Windows and Doors in Your Oakville or Mississauga Home

Installing new windows and doors in your Oakville and Mississauga home can be a smooth and satisfying process. As with any other home improvement project, doing a little bit of homework will help avoid any unnecessary hiccups and enable a satisfactory job.

Here are some tips to ensure that your windows and doors deliver the performance and savings they were designed for.

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  1. Explore your options for windows and doors: The simplest way to do this is to read online about the different types of materials e.g. vinyl, clad wood, wood, etc. and energy-efficient glass options like Low-E. Being prepared helps save time and makes for a more productive initial consultation with window and door dealers. It also reduces the chances of being fooled by an unethical company and paying too much for too little.

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Quality Patio Doors | High-end French Patio Doors | Oakville, Mississauga

How to Select Patio Doors: 3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

With the right patio doors you can enhance the beauty, energy efficiency and value of your home. Although they were traditionally used as doors to the backyard or balcony, today many homeowners in Oakville and Mississauga are utilizing them as elegant entry doors as well. The wide variety of materials, styles and accessories available offers plenty of design choices which can also make the selection process rather confusing. Read the tips we share below to help you install an attractive, durable and low maintenance patio door.


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French Doors Vs. Sliding Patio Doors

Quite often I’m asked by customers for my thoughts on whether they should replace their existing sliding patio doors with a French swing double door system. They usually see it as an updated more refined look.

Well there are some advantages and disadvantages to each option.

french-Door-exteriorFrench doors definitely change the look of an entry and a whole room sometimes. They can provide a larger opening (walk through) area than sliders, come in a variety of materials from steel and fiberglass to wood or vinyl. Additionally, they can be fitted with elegant or contemporary hardware in numerous styles and finishes. As for disadvantages, they do reduce the amount of visible light that enters the room, require swing area to open on either the inside or outside and some systems require special hideaway screens that add to the cost. They also cost more in most cases and many times, require a custom size if the sliding door is less that 82″ in height, which is most common.

The advantage of sliding doors is their ease of use and they do not take up any interior or exterior space to operate. Sliding patio doors almost always cost less and are easy to operate for young and old alike. However, they do have a smaller opening (walk through) area, can feel dated for some and don’t allow as much accessorizing. They allow more visible light in and provide good protection against air and water infiltration. Vinyl sliding patio doors are by far the most popular but aluminum clad wood sliding doors are also sought after for an upgraded look.

The decision is a personal one that is best made after uncovering all the factors.

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