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French Doors Vs. Sliding Patio Doors

Quite often I’m asked by customers for my thoughts on whether they should replace their existing sliding patio doors with a French swing double door system. They usually see it as an updated more refined look.

Well there are some advantages and disadvantages to each option.

french-Door-exteriorFrench doors definitely change the look of an entry and a whole room sometimes. They can provide a larger opening (walk through) area than sliders, come in a variety of materials from steel and fiberglass to wood or vinyl. Additionally, they can be fitted with elegant or contemporary hardware in numerous styles and finishes. As for disadvantages, they do reduce the amount of visible light that enters the room, require swing area to open on either the inside or outside and some systems require special hideaway screens that add to the cost. They also cost more in most cases and many times, require a custom size if the sliding door is less that 82″ in height, which is most common.

The advantage of sliding doors is their ease of use and they do not take up any interior or exterior space to operate. Sliding patio doors almost always cost less and are easy to operate for young and old alike. However, they do have a smaller opening (walk through) area, can feel dated for some and don’t allow as much accessorizing. They allow more visible light in and provide good protection against air and water infiltration. Vinyl sliding patio doors are by far the most popular but aluminum clad wood sliding doors are also sought after for an upgraded look.

The decision is a personal one that is best made after uncovering all the factors.

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Last week we installed 4 windows in a home in Port Credit.

The clients did their homework and came to us as they liked Strassburger windows. Their post-war era home is 1 ½ stories on a busy street with a rail line close by. One of their biggest complaints was noise and secondly, drafty existing windows, which had been retrofit into the old frames a number of years ago.

We discussed the options and ended up selecting casement and awning style windows for their tight seal and compression gaskets. For the glass, we looked at a number of options like triple glazing, laminated glass and Heat Mirror film.

In the end we selected double glazing with two different thicknesses of glass 3mm & 5mm and used Cardinal’s Low E 366.

This was a very cost effective solution and we are happy to say the clients are thrilled with the results. We removed the window frames back to the brick, insulated with low expansion foam between the frame and wall, and replicated the interior trim and sill details to the home’s period.

The customers could not get over how much different the noise level had been reduced by.

Another job exceeding expectations.

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