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Mike Meyer has spent 34 years in the construction industry.

What does that mean to his clients?


Mike Meyer



Buying windows and doors isn’t something people do every day.  While most of us are familiar with windows and doors since we use them all the time, certain things can be confusing when trying to determine what you need and why when replacing.

With 15 years in the window business he has a real appreciation for the pro’s and con’s of various materials and systems.  There are 100’s of window brands.  Can you discern the difference?   Successful window and door projects are the result of managing a lot of details and requires a real respect for reviewing and checking orders to ensure they are correct and consistent.  Need to choose a colour for a door or windows?  Mike has an eye for colour that clients have appreciated over the years.

With experience in energy efficient construction as a provincial manager of Canada’s R2000 program, Mike can discern fact from fallacy and what clients need to know to find what’s right for them.  Building science is very important in window and door products and installation.  Picking the right options and details will mean trouble free use for many years.  A bad choice could cause expensive water damage.  He has seen plenty of “Mike Holmes” moments of frustration in what goes on out there.

As a home designer and builder he knows construction.  Why is that important to you?  Well if you are interested in structurally changing an opening, solid knowledge of how homes are built is crucial.

As a renovator he knows what is involved in bringing a project in on time and on budget.

Why does this matter?

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